Of the Month

Nominate someone for induction into NRHH by completing a NRHH Induction Nomination form . Each chapter is charged with recognizing residence hall leaders through awards. These awards are known as “Of the Months” for many categories including;

  • Program of the Month
  • Student of the Month
  • Resident Assistant (RA) of the Month
  • Spotlight of the Month
  • NRHH Chapter of the Month
  • National Communications Coordinator (NCC) of the Month
  • Executive Board Member of the Month
  • Advisor of the Month

Here are a few examples of things you could write an OTM about!

Your RA put up a fun, creative, educational and informational bulletin board on your floor and you want to let him/her know how great you think it is. Write an OTM recognizing your RA’s board or even programs!

Your roomate is the best person you’ve ever met and you want to tell him/her that, write an OTM suprising them.

One of your professors took extra time to explain an assignment and make sure you were ready for the upcoming exam. Write an OTM to thank him/her.

If you feel someone deserves recognition, nominate them using the on-line submission form.

One Reply to “Of the Month”

  1. I nominated Faith Salentine for an OTM because she has been a great Warhawk. Faith has demonstrated what it takes to be a great leader throughout the past four years she has attended UWW. From being a Warhawk ambassador, a member of NRHH, Resident Assistant, holding an outstanding GPA, planning a study abroad trip, working in the library, and all while keeping a positive attitude Faith is the perfect example of what it takes to be a Warhawk leader. Working with her has been my pleasure. I feel as though she is a positive leader on the UWW campus. Thank you for a great year and good luck in SWEEDEN!

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