OTM Spotlight

Now if you’re wonder what a good OTM might look like here is a worthy example written by Nathan Runnells in 2009 about the UWW NRHH Chapter;

The Linda Long Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary for University of Wisconsin Whitewater deserves Of-The-Month recognition for the great things they have done in the past month. In the month of April the organization has been reinvigorated not only by the executive board but also the new inductees. NRHH has seen a new life and a new enthusiasm that has been unmatched from the past years.

In April, NRHH held its annual banquet at a local coffee shop. The chapter had the honor of inducting a total of 31 new members to the organization!! They also were able to induct three honorary members that deserved recognition. Luis Benevoglienti, Frank Bartlett and Amanda Krier were honored with honorary membership for their continued support to the organization and UW-W Residence Life. The executive board also honored some other mentors with Impact Pins. The Impact Pins were awards that were given out to recognize those people who helped the executive board excel at their positions. A total of five people were recognized with this honor. Overall the chapter did an excellent job recognizing the top 1% as well as other who have been a great asset to the organization. This event almost brought many members to tears. Not only was it well attended; well over 50 people, but also gave heartfelt recognition to those members and advisors that have chosen to make a positive influence in others lives. Many were sad to see both on-campus and off-campus members that would become alumni in the upcoming weeks. The dedication many members showed over their membership in the organization will not soon be forgotten.

The chapter has also been recognizing other groups on campus that deserve recognition. NRHH hosted a bowling event for the professional residence life staff and central staff. Free bowling was provided to provide a fun atmosphere and a relaxing get together. Everyone who attended had a blast! Another group that has been recognized is the Leadership Involvement Teams for each hall. The executive staff for Jitters is also receiving a small thank you note along with a lifesaver thanking them for their commit”mint”. Overall, NRHH has been recognizing all sorts of leaders on campus in the month of April.

NRHH has also seen a surge of excitement in their general member meetings. After induction the previous week, the NRHH chapter had its best attended general member meeting in recent memory. There were over twenty people in attendance! NRHH held nominations for the executive board, and there was an abundance of new and old members stepping up for leadership positions. Many members were excited to become involved in the organization, and had fun at meetings. NRHH holds its meetings in the Esker dining hall, where students can sit down and have a meal with each other. The executive board does its best to make meetings entertaining by having themes or attending speakers. The chapter can’t wait to have elections next week; the Linda Long Chapter is heading in the right direction!

Overall, the University of Wisconsin Whitewater National Residence Hall Honorary deserves OTM recognition. They have set an example for scholastics, showed no fear when it comes to leadership and has gone above and beyond to recognize those who have made the campus a better place!

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